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Abec 11 Centerset Freeride 72/78a Green w/orange
Abec 11 Zig Zags RED 70/78a Retro - Classic all-around longboarding to downhill racing. Extremely smooth, grippy and fast, even on rough surfaces. *Classic Formula
Abec 11 Flashbacks BGreen 70/81a - Our legendary all-around longboard wheel. Extremely smooth and fast even on rough surfaces. *Sideset Longboard wheels with a 43mm Contact Patch
Abec 11 Powerballs BLUE 72/81a
Abec 11 Big Zigs Lime 75/78a Classic formula. Fast, smooth and more forgiving for sliding.
Caliber Trucks 10in/44°
The Forty-Four is built for speed. The 44-degree hanger angle allows performance riders to push the limits of downhill racing. To further optimize the trucks¹ stability, the Blood Orange Bushings are configured with two Ultra-High Rebound barrels to avoid high-speed wobbles. Like all Caliber Trucks, the kingpin is made of grade 8 steel to ensure that your trucks will stay in one piece, no matter how hard you push them.
High-Speed Stability
184mm hanger
Blood Orange Bushings » 2 Ultra-High Rebound (89a) barrels
Grade 8 steel kingpin

Color Choices for Trucks:
Black, Blue, Silver, White, Red, ACID Green/Pink
Biltin Bearings
Grip tape Jessup Rough Roll

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Built for Campus Riding and City Commuting, cheaper than a parking permit & no gasoline cost required!

Has built in head light and tail light for added visibility for riders. Charges wirelessly. Charge lasts 6-9 hours.

• A minimalist, symmetrical design with clean lines and wheel cut outs

• 7 ply true Canadian maple

• Has minimal concave with a mellow W perfect to just cup your foot

• At 36” it is a great board for carving and getting around.

• It has minimal flex which keeps speed wobbles from occurring at higher speeds.

• The board has an internal core construction that adds strength and pop back into the board.