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Light Bohrd is revolutionizing the board sports industry with illuminated graphics and integrated light technology. Technology that stands out and improves rider safety.

Lighted features activate with motion and charge wirelessly.

Check out our latest news and headlines below and don't forget to head to your local shop to buy a Light Bohrd and experience it for yourself.

Under Armour Future Show


Small Company Incorporates LEDs into Skateboards

Light Bohrd, a small company in Austin, Texas, has recently offered a new type of product to the sports world: skateboards. But what makes their skateboards, more specifically longboards, outshine any other brand is the LED lights enclosed in the board. The LEDs are embedded inside, and use patent-pending technology to store energy and activate the LED light.

The board contains no external switches or wires that are required to be plugged into an outlet. The LED light charges wirelessly through means of a magnetic device called the PowerMat. READ COMPLETE STORY

'SIA' Snow Show gear highlights

The giant snowsports gear fest that is the SnowSports Industries America Show (better known as "SIA") kicks off in Denver today. The GearJunkie staff is on the scene to scour the floor for worthy products, free beer, and news from the world of all things snow and sliding downhill fast. Take a trip through the doors of the Colorado Convention Center with us here below for a highlights tour of a few items that have caught our eyes already. —Sean McCoy


Light Bohrd LED skateboards and helmets light up your longboarding

With the increasing focus on sustainable urban transport comes an increasing call for proper safety infrastructure and products. We've recently seen LED bicycle helmets, and now a company called Light Bohrd has developed LED helmets and skateboards for commuters that use their feet for pushing rather than pedaling.

Light Bohrd originally used LEDs as a cosmetic accessory, lighting up the graphics on skateboards and snowboards. It's now moving toward using its lighting technology for safety. Light Bohrd's new Urban Commuter longboard pulls the lights out from under the graphics and puts them at the tips of the board, where they serve to increase the rider's visibility. Similar to a car or bike, the front lights are white and the rear lights are red. READ COMPLETE STORY


I'm looking for a new, relaxed way to get from point A to point B. One of my friends suggested longboarding, but I haven't touched a skateboard since junior high. What kind would you recommend?

A: Commuting by longboard is a great start to the day. It feels like part surfing and part snowboarding. Unfortunately, riding a longboard at night leaves you vulnerable to traffic. A few years ago, we had a close call with our trusty Gravity 40-inch skateboard (we were riding against traffic in dark clothing), and decided to hang up our wheels. After all, Gear Guy has a family to think about. READ COMPLETE STORY

Husband-wife team marry lighting technology, skateboarding

You might say that Chris and Jen Forgey have seen the light, and they hope the skateboarding community and others will see it too.

The Forgeys are the founders of Light Bohrd, whose products made in Round Rock — based on a patented design that uses self-contained light sources in skateboards, longboards and helmets — illuminate when activated. READ COMPLETE STORY

Light Bohrd Lights Up the Night at Under Armour's 'Future Show'

Under Armour, a company best known for its moisture-wicking clothing, has crowned Chris Forgey, inventor of Light Bohrd, as the winner of its 2013 'Future Show' competition.

Motion-based Light Bohrd technology has previously been incorporated into longboards, which are a type of skateboard, as well as in snowboards and helmets. For the show, Forgey submitted a lighted Under Armour shirt designed for joggers that run at night. READ COMPLETE STORY

Light Bohrd - Impact News

When Chris Forgey watched his son, a competitive skateboarder, take on jumps, he thought it would be fun to have his son’s skateboard light up as he did tricks.

Forgey, who by day works for a semi-conductor equipment company out of Arizona, started designing light-emitting diode, or LED-lit boards on his kitchen table at home before moving to his garage and eventually into a commercial location. His products became the foundation for Light Bohrd, a company he opened with his wife, Jennifer French. READ COMPLETE STORY

Round Rock startup has glowing future in development deal with Under Armour

A Round Rock company has developed T-shirts with embedded lighting that got the attention of athletic apparel giant Under Armour Inc. 

Light Bohrd Inc. is making luminescent running apparel without wires, chargers or batteries. The product was selected from 4,000 applicants to receive the $25,000 top prize at the Under Armour (NYSE: UA) Future Show in September. READ COMPLETE ARTICLE


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