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How do I turn my Light Bohrd on and off?

STEP 1: Make sure the charger is removed from the board

STEP 2: Take the LIGHT BOHRD magnet and swipe it downward from the light to the center of the board. You will feel the magnet as it passes over the activation area. When the board is off, swipe it once and the light will turn on in "Camera Mode" which is only half illumination; swipe it a second time, and the light will be in full illumination; swipe it a third time, and the light will dim off.


STEP 3: In "Camera Mode" and when fully illuminated, the light of the board is activated when it senses motion. The light will turn on with a simple knock on the surface or any other type of motion of the board. Note: If the board is sitting still after you've turned it on, to preserve battery life, the light will dim and stop shining. Knock it again and the light will come back on. A fully charged battery will last 6 hours until you have to recharge it.